Swiss Association of Rolfing® & Structural Integration

Swiss introduction courses 2018


Fri/Sat 16/17 November Derendingen SO

Weiterbildungszentrum, Emmenhofallee 3, 4552 Derendingen

The course is designed for therapists and anyone interested in a compact introduction to Rolfing covering both theory and practice.

It serves as orientation for those interested in training in Rolfing.



  • History of Rolfing
  • Plasticity of the fascia and of the connective tissue 
  • Impact and implications of gravity
  • The body-mind connection


  • Exercises in self-perception
  • Visual analysis of the body structure
  • Partner work on the myofascial tissue
  • Mini Demo

Course instructor:

Susanne Eichler, Cert. Advanced Rolfer, Education Manager DAS
Registration deadline: 27.10.18
Course fee: Fr. 480.–
Payment due by 28.09.18 Fr. 450.-
Cancellations received up to 7 days before the course begins will merely give rise to a processing fee of CHF 100.–.
After this point, the full course fee is due.
Having attended the course does not entitle participants to use the registered trademarks Rolfing/Rolfer.

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