About Us
IDA – Swiss Association for Rolfing® & Structural Integration

IDA supports and represents the interests of professional Structural Integration practitioners, ensures the quality of continuing and advanced training, and provides the wider public with information on Rolfing® & Structural Integration.

IDA is the official representation of the European Rolfing Association e.V. (ERA) in Switzerland.

IDA is a member of the professional body Organisation der Arbeitswelt KomplementärTherapie OdA KT. OdA KT brings together professional associations and other institutions in the field of complementary therapy.  OdA KT is in charge of the Higher Federal Examination for the professional title “Complementary Therapist with a Federal Diploma” and all attendant procedures.
Our association has compiled the document Methodenidentifikation Strukturelle Integration (METID IS), which provides the basis for professional training in Structural Integration. Structural Integration is one of the complementary therapy methods recognised by OdA KT.